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Radical Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the luxury of pure tones and water that reflect the true nature of bliss you have been longing to experience. Hydrosoniq Health offers a full system release and restoration at a cellular level.

The Theory

Using the homeopathic philosophy of "like heals like", we are made of water and vibration, therefore we rejuvinate with water and vibration.

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Living in an Overstimulated World

Harmonize with your Highest Self

How Overstimulation Affects Our Lives and Hydrosoniq Health's Solution

Modern life bombards us with stimuli such as beeping, artificial light, screens, and fragrance pollution, affecting our daily routine. Fortunately, we have a natural ability to balance the impact of these unwelcome inputs. At Hydrosoniq Health, we strive to unlock this inherent capability for cellular rejuvination and make it our mission to help others do the same.



If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla (1942)

The Historical Roots and Modern Applications of Sound Therapy

As early as 500 BCE, the renowned Greek philosopher Pythagoras established what is widely considered the first organized sound therapy, "Musical Medicine". Throughout history, various cultures like the Ancient Egyptians, Vedic philosophers, Jewish Kabbalists, and Shamans have all employed sound therapy as a means of healing.

The Power of Vibration

Everything vibrates, and nature's vibrations have a calming effect on our mind and body. Conversely, the incessant beeping of grocery store scanners, cell phone ringtones, and television can be disruptive to our mind and body. The Hydrosoniq Health uses pure tones from its instruments to help us recall and reconnect with our innate vibration of bliss.

Emoto's Work Showcases the Power of Words and Sound on Water Molecules

Did you know that the molecular structure of water changes when exposed to human words, sound, and intentions? Dr. Emoto's scientific research provides evidence of this phenomenon. Given that our bodies are primarily composed of water, and our environment is made up of vibrations, these can directly affect our molecular makeup.

If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Emoto's work, check out the trailer for the documentary "Secret of Water" at this link:



Exploring Hydrotherapy: Ancient and Modern Techniques

Hydrotherapy has been around for centuries and has been used as a method to treat various ailments. Balneotherapy, a practice where mineral water is used to treat illness, is even regarded as part of the public health system in some countries.

Gerald H. Pollack's recent scientific research has expanded on the previous innerstanding of the "three phases of water" to include a fourth phase. This new discovery is important for us to innerstand because our bodies are made up of more than two-thirds water, which helps maintain our physical form.

At Hydrosoniq Health, we are taking hydrotherapy to the next level. Our luxurious wooden pools are designed to immerse you in mineral-rich water. The wood used in constructing the pool can absorb sound, which enables the crystalline structures of the water to positively impact the body with ease.



Experience True Serenity with Our Holistic Therapy

Take a journey back to the beginning of time and rediscover your innate joy with our unique holistic therapy. Get lost in the tranquility of hydro and sound therapy while breathing in the invigorating scent of essential oils. Soothe your eyes with our warm, infrared lighting and immerse yourself in a world where reality and fantasy blend into one.

Our practice involves light body movements and a technique called "toning", which employs the power of your voice. These methods can help release stagnant energy and identify areas of resistance or discomfort in your body. Let us help you achieve a state of complete harmony.


Evolution of The Hydrosonic Health

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  1. Guests check in
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Female Locker Room

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Male Locker Room

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Movement Studio

2. Guest cleanses with water and changes in to comfortable clothing

3. Proceed to courtyard for incantations, toning, and energetic protection practice

*Optional: Cold/Hot Plunge and Massage

4. Next is breath and body movement in movement studio

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The Womb

5. Hydrosoniq Healthâ„¢ Therapy (1 hr minimum)

6. Meditation: We encourage a half hour meditation to allow Hydrosoniq Therapy integration.

7. Aphrodisiac Cafe to replenish body with pleasurable delights

Aphrodisiac Cafe

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Meditation/Zen Garden

8. Creative Studio: Paint, write, and play with clay!

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Creative Studio

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Rage Room

8. Rage Room: Sometimes when we release stored/stagnant energy we need to cry and/or scream. We provide a sound proof room for this purpose.

Release the rage in privacy and comfort knowing you are the only one who can hear you.



The Unique Acoustics of the Womb

The womb is a remarkable space, designed with a stone dome that houses wooden baths and instruments with pure vibrations. The stone walls reflect almost all of the sound, which is then absorbed by the wooden tub and ultimately transmitted into the water and your body. This incredible architectural concept is inspired by ancient cathedrals, where the stone and structure enhance the depth and resonance of the instruments.

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Healing Instruments

Wooden Salt Water Pool

Healing Instruments

Current Offerings

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Yoga Woman in Tree Pose
Belmore Water Falls

Soniq Stimulation

We stimulate our cells with pure tones from finely crafted instruments like gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, and our voice.

Asana & Prana

We use body movement and breathwork as a means to gain awareness of our current state of being.


We focus our highest intentions on the water we consume and immerse ourselves in during our journey,





(protection, incantations, toning, water prayer)


(connecting breath, tones, & body movement)



(meditation, sealing the rejuvination)

MAX 10 Individuals

Kama Aina rates and scholarships are available- to apply, please call.

*Available for private parties

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